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Salford Mayor meets an Alien

The Mayor meets the Alien

(part 2)



Every good Festival needs its opposite.

Edinburgh has got The Fringe. Manchester has got the ‘Not The’ Manchester Festival.

Now Salford Film Festival has got its complement: The Salford Fringe Film Festival.


The Salford Fringe Film Festival will be kicking off on Friday, 29th October (a fortnight before the launch of the ‘official’ Salford Film Festival) with a screening of films by members of Salford LIDS at Salford Lads Club in Ordsall.


Fringe organiser Mike Scantlebury explains: “The Salford Film Festival is doing a wonderful job. But there are just so many films being made in Salford now, that, even with a week of events, the official Film Festival can’t pack them all in.” He blames the BBC moving to Salford for the recent increase in interest in making films. However, the film show, he says, will be mainly a good chance for the participants to show off to their friends and family.


Mike is a member of Salford LIDS which, for the past year, has been organising a series of one-day film-making events in locations like Langworthy Cornerstone and the Lads Club. Whoever turns up gets to be in the film, he says. It’s all very flexible, but also very ‘hands-on’. “We’ve got no time to sit around and worry about what we’re doing,” says Mike. “The cameras are rolling and the kids have just got to get on with it.”


In the last year, Salford LIDS has made 9 short drama films, using young volunteers from Salford College, the University of Salford, and local youth clubs. LIDS have also encouraged adults to get involved, and people have come forward from SCMP (the Salford Community Media Project), PVM (People’s Voice Media, based on Frederick Road) and the local community.


Several of the films have had a science fiction theme, such as ‘Energy’, a short drama made at the Lads Club in which the Mayor of Salford, Cllr George Wilson, took a tour round the Club and met an Alien, here on Earth to investigate the way that humans use and misuse their energy supplies.


The Mayor, apparently, was thrilled to be involved in the Saturday morning filming, (along with his Consort and chauffeur), and is greatly looking forward to seeing himself on screen at the film show on 29th October. The evening’s entertainment begins at 7pm and will continue until the audience starts heckling, or they have to catch the last bus.


Tickets are free and may be obtained by emailing: SalfordLIDS@yahoo.co.uk