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Mike Scantlebury is an Internet Author.

That's definite.
He's quite clear about that.
(If you want to discuss it, get on over to Mike's Discussion Forum - see details below - where he's willing to debate the future of publishing with you.)
What future?
Basically, Mike is one modern author who believes that Traditional Publishing is dead.
Going, going, gone.
For ever.
If you can't wait, here's a quick link to the Forum, right  here.  (Yay, just click it.)

Meanwhile, while we're waiting for the end of the known world,
you can find some of Mike's books already out there, on the street, and on Amazon.com,
or go to Lulu, where he has his own 'Storefront', and a selection of printed material.
Link for Lulu here.

Scientificky Fiction

Yep, Mike has been known in Science Fiction fields ever since the 1970s.

Back then he wrote a whole pile of stories and even 3 novels.
Up to now they've been kept under a pretty tight rein,
but recent events have forced Mike to reveal his hand.

He has set up a new Science Fiction web site.
If you want to know more, click here.

Romantic adventures

Even stranger, Mike has been busy collating the Romantic novels he's created over the years.
Plus the many false starts, good ideas, sample chapters, and Synopses.

He's brought these together on one web site,
but No, it's not the site above,
or the other one.
Or the other one.
It's a completely new, bigger and bolder one.

Click here if you want to see Mike Scantlebury in Romantic mode.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find Mike in a more reflective
and emotional mode.
(A far cry from all that Murder Mystery,
running around,
and mayhem.)

By the way, Publishing is dead!

Yep, Mike Scantlebury is an Internet Author.

Which means he has given up on the world of Traditional Publishing.
Listen to him, and you'll hear how he thinks the publishing world that has held
authors in thrall for over 250 years is finally coming to an end.
It's doomed.
It's over.

The Brave New World of Internet Publishing will soon be seen,
he says,
as the only way forward for the mass of authors.

And readers,
who aren't going to be satisfied forever with the thin diet
they are meted out by profit-driven Traditional Publishers.

Don't agree?

Mike Scantlebury has set up a Discussion Forum
where you can debate the future of publishing with him.
(If there is one - a future!)

If you want to be taken there, click here and join in the debate.
Talk turkey, slog it to him and let us all know what you think!

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