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Blog today, Blog tomorrow

Mike has a Blog at 'Blogger'.
(Hmm, that's easy to understand.)
If you want to go straight there, click on this link here.

He also has a Blog on his Lulu site.
That's less easy to find.

Blogs from LIDS

Mike's training company is called 'Salford LIDS'.

LIDS has a blog at 'Blogger', (duh, them again).
And you can look at it by clicking your little mouse dongle here.

Also, LIDS has established itself on 'Wordpress', (another great site).
You can get started at examining every morsel of their eternal words of wisdom by clicking right slap bang here.

Hope that's clear.

Did we mention that LIDS has its own web site? (Hmm, maybe not. Forgetful, these days.)
You can get to that by clicking here.
(That should be interesting.)

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