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Bad news for Hazel Blears, M.P.

Mike Scantlebury lives in Salford.
This has been a source of excitement and enlightenment, and an enrichment to his many novels.
Now, recently, of shame, also.

You see, the Member of Parliament for Salford is none other than Hazel Blears M.P. -
'Blair babe'; one time Chair of the Labour Party; something in the Home Office and, before that, Health;
and, until recently, the Minister for Communities.
Until last week -

Suddenly, in a puff of smoke, (in a fit of pique),
she walked out on Gordon Brown,
and left her parliamentary career behind,
(for now).

Mike could have warned her.
He did.
The issue, which seems to have exasperated so many, was that of MP's 'expenses'.
Ms Blears made the 'mistake' of claiming for her Second Home, which, she said, was in Salford,
(while she had a small flat in London).
Then, as if coming to her senses, announcing that, in fact, it was the flat that was her Second Home,
so, presumably, her 'First Home' was in Salford.
No, sorry, It's a mistake too, she said, 6 months later.
As you were, Back to Basics, Second Home is where I said -
wherever that was, before, when I said it.
My mistake.

Her 'mistake' allowed her to claim thousands of pounds in expenses for her Second Home, which was -
IN Salford - No, In London - No, IN Salford -
and also allowed her to avoid Capital Gains Tax.
Well done, her.

Mike could have warned her.
Beware. Be cautious.
Over a year ago he announced that he was writing a book about the housing market.
He saw that his MP was dabbling too far in trying to gain advantages out of property,
and said that the market was due for a crash.
Nobody listened, Hazel B. certainly didn't, (and has had to pay the penalty).

The book is called, 'Housing Erases Debts', an ironic title,
and is available on the Amazon website in America.
Try this link,

Mike Scantlebury, on left, meets Hazel Blears, in happier times.